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AA: RPA Comes in Various Shapes, Sizes and Customizable Forms (Part-II)

Last time, we learnt how to create and customize forms, and today, we will learn how to add rules to our forms. Why add rules? Because RPA is rule-based (get it?). No but seriously, why bother adding rules? I Need an Answer If you’ve explored forms before, then you’d have noticed that there are validations…

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AA: RPA Comes in Various Shapes, Sizes and Customizable Forms(Part-I)

RPA is composed of scripts bundled up into click and drag automation blocks with which we can develop automations in less time than it would take a Python or JavaScript developer to develop, which is why it has captured the market like wildfire. Automation is automation, but because its automation, people aren’t too comfortable working…

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Web Automation: Five Tips To Keep You Invested

Welcome, again. We are going to explore the Web Automation Package, again. Why “Again”? Because I failed to address the topic properly last time. I got distracted (no surprise there) and rambled on about my department hopping journey. Storytime is supposed to be short and sweet, not long and salty. Web Automation Package, Revisited I…

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